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Cast for producing shrink film

The production process

Our production cycle starts with the phase of stockpiling of the granules of raw materials in the appropriate silos, which are pumped pneumatically into the silos from the motor vehicle which has transported them. A system of electronic supervision eliminates the possibility of different types of materials being directed into containers of other products, thereby preventing the unwanted mixing of raw materials.

The supply to the extruding plant both for the production "blow" (in bubble form) and for the "cast", is provided by automatic collection from the silos, depending upon the mixture required.

All of the production plant are checked (up to 30 times a second) by industrial metric dispensers which guarantee the following fundamental factors:
  • Extreme precision in the measurement of colourants and the additives which preserve the products and assist the production process
  • A very low tolerance for errors in respect of the required thickness
  • The average weight of the product remains constant
  • Absolute uniformity in the supplied mixture
All of the above is carried out with a maximum admissible margin of error of + 1 in 10,000
Stretch hood production

The production process

Both the stretch hood and the shrink film are created using extruding "blowed" technology.

The stretch hood is produced using cutting edge co-extrusion machinery from WINDMÖLLER & HÖLSCHER™ specifically made for the purpose, which is universally recognized as the best machinery in existence for this specialist and innovative product.

In the extrusion phase, rolls of film are produced which can be tailored with the appropriate cutting and soldering machinery, to make the sacks and hoods. Electronically-programmed machines control this process, by connecting the necessary parameters with a code containing the measurements ordered by the client. The measurements for the thickness and the automated corrections and profiles ensure the operation of the machines within a threshold of minimum tolerance (± 2%).

Our extrusion films are made using cutting edge cast technology, which allows rolls to be produced of varying forms and weights, depending upon the appropriate end use (whether manual or automated). For the stretch films the same procedure is used to mix the raw materials as to extrude the shrink films, thereby guaranteeing a constant weight and thickness, which are essential requirements for its storage function to be fulfilled to an excellent standard.