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In this section you will find helpful advice in storing and using our products in the best way possible. Furthermore è it is possible to send your questions directly to us, to which we will respond by e-mail, and the most interesting requests will be published in this ' section.

how to store our products?

Whilst being stored our products should always be kept out of direct sunlight, which could cause them to age prematurely prior to use.
In particular, as the stretch and the shrink films for the bundles are wrapped in cardboard mandrils (by their nature hygrosopic), they are best kept in a dry and ventilated atmosphere.

How best to use the caps shrink?

In using these hoods and also the tubes we advise checking the ideal thickness for the containment of the product to be packaged, with the supplier of that product. This applies not only to the packaging, but also to other parameters (such as the required duration of the packaging, the method used for moving the product, etc.).We also advise against the use of naked flames as far as possible. In the event of application via thermoretractable furnaces, we advise checking with the utmost care the correct application of the flow of hot air and that the suction fans under the rollersare working correctly.

How to use the shrink films and shrink caps?

In using the film to make up bundles, it is particularly important to maintain the cleanliness of the soldered bars and transport covers, to ensure they are free from residues from molten material, could cause unwanted perforations in the packaging.

how to use the stretch hood?

To facilitate the best application it is necessary to pay particular attention when maneouvering the rolls (lifting them from the pallet and assembling them onto the machines) in order to avoid marking and cutting the edges of the film which could cause the film to split.Furthermore, we suggest periodically checking the parameters of use (for instance the revolutions of the roll, the tension, and capacity for stretching) to ensure continued optimum use of the film.

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