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Film plastici estensibi e/o termoretraibili venduti in bobine

The company

Our company, located in the heart of Sassuolo's ceramics district, has been operating in the flexible packaging market since 1973.

The satisfaction of the client has always been our main aim, to whom we are able to offer the benefit of more than 30 years' experience serving the most important and prestigious industries, both in the ceramics sector, and other sectors.

In fact the trust placed in us by our commercial partners over the years provides our best guarantee. Our clients' loyalty gives us great satisfaction, and motivates us to continue to improve and maintain our constant high standards in both efficiency and competitiveness, and also to continue to ensure our products are of the highest qualitative standards.

Our range of products covers the requirements of any given industry needing to package, protect, and stock their goods onto pallets in complete safety. The final packaging is an integral part of the production process, and the wrapping which transports your product safe and sound to its destination; it is the shield which protects your goods in storage.
Particolare di uno stretch-hood (tubolare elastico): la bolla d'estrusione

The company

Why take risks? Why entrust the integrity of your product to a low quality material?

We have maintained pace with the technological revolution, by constantly renewing our machinery and production processes, with the aim of foreseeing the demands and requests of the market, and thereby anticipating those needs.

We are particularly careful and demanding in the materials purchased and their use. We also check the production process itself, both automatically and personally. We have of course been advised that there are products on the market which cost less. However we have chosen to resist the temptation to compromise on our production processes and to save money on raw materials (we do not use recycled materials), and we will continue to operate on this basis in the future.

We are delighted to demonstrate to you that our products offer an excellent quality-cost ratio: less material is required to obtain the same result, thus providing a minimal impact on the environment and a minimal cost per unit of packaging.